New Shoe Experience Coming To the USA

It’s not that often that true excitement is generated by the opening of a new store in Boro Park – after all, Boro Park is filled with fine, quality stores of all types.

But, there is no other way to describe what is happening! Yes, Excitement is in the air with the arrival of a brand new shoe store to the shores of the United States, a store that will make available a line of brands that have never before been available on this side of the ocean.

We are talking about PONPANO!

The well established brand, which has been selling in Israel and Europe for over 4 decades under its parent company label, PAPAYA, has finally entered the American market. In Israel, PAPAYA has 55 retail establishments, including its flagship branch on Rabbi Akiva Street in Bnei Brak, and also works with about 50 other stores in the ultra-Orthodox sector, giving the company  a keen understanding and a great relationship with the ultra-Orthodox communities across the globe.

Some of the other sought after brands that the company is famous for include ERNESTO, RAVENNA and MOJO, which are all known for their unsurpassed workmanship and comfort. The company also officially represents the largest brands of children's shoes in Spain (PABLOSKY) and Brazil (PAMPILI)and will offer these brands, as well as many other fine designer brands,  in the new Boro Park store too.

For over 40 years, the company has been designing, developing and manufacturing hundreds of fashionable lines of shoes for babies, toddlers and youth. PAPAYA has manufacturing facilities in many strategic areas across the globe, such as Israel, Spain, Italy, China and Brazil, which enables the company to develop the best quality materials at the most affordable prices for the consumer.

The company employs a team of 4 high-end designers, all graduates of prestigious universities, as well as a team of quality control experts in each production facility, who oversee every aspect of production, to ensure that each pair of shoes stands up to the rigorous standards of quality, comfort and durability.

PAPAYA also exports its shoes in countries around the world, including Australia, Belgium, the UK and the USA, and the demand for these products continues to soar. In fact, the very reason that the company decided to launch a retail store in the heart of Brooklyn’s frum community, was due to the high demand from the community for this unique shoe collection.

So, what’s so special about PONPANO  shoes?

Firstly, the design of the sole – the area that determines the comfort of the shoe – is a very precise and defined process. Many hours of research and testing, using real children, with a precise method known as “fitting” – go into the design of each shoe to determine the perfect tenderness, firmness, flexibility and strength of each shoe.In fact, each PONPANO  sole has its own unique packaging

“First Step” shoes ,for toddlers who are just starting to walk, need certain flexibility, while shoes for older children need specific durability. Each type of shoe is custom designed to be comfortable and resilient for the end-wearer it is intended for.

Additionally, for the new walker line, special gel pads were developed by the PONPANO team of engineers to ensure perfect shock absorbing quality without compromising on support and comfort. And on top of that, the weight of this particular line – designed with tiny feet in mind – is the lightest available on the market, weighing less than a pound!


Furthermore, each shoe model goes through a thorough testing process of  bending, grinding, scratching by machines to test its endurance under different conditions. If any material or design is found to be weak, a new material is located, to get the look and strength needed for each collection, without any compromises.

Yes, PONPANO takes the quality of its shoes very seriously! Every season they design close to 300 new,  fashionable and innovative models and no effort is spared in testing and researching each model to ensure it is worthy of bearing the PONPANO name!

What kind of material is used in PONPANO shoes?

After years of research and development, PONPANO has developed a special microfiber material which is the strongest, most durable and highest quality possible for shoes, and offers a full line of shoes from this material, alongside the traditional line of fine leather shoes.

Although  microfiber is a little costlier than leather due to its higher quality in  virtually every category – it lasts longer, it breathes better, it feels more comfortable and is more flexible – the company has found a way to keep the shoes affordable for community members.

An additional benefit of microfiber material, besides their being that is much stronger than skins, is that many of the models are  100% vegan, with no animal skins or byproducts used in their manufacturing process.

The new store in Boro Park, located at 4306 13th Avenue,  is committed to making the quality of PONPANO microfiber shoes, as well as many other top designer brands from around the world, available to the larger community at affordable prices..  “Just because it’s better than leather, doesn’t mean the prices need to be higher than leather” says Moshe Oron, founder of the brand. “We are here to be a part of the community, and we will do all we can to make the PONPANO experience a good one for each of our new customers!”

The new store is slated to open right before Purim and is sure to be a huge hit among mothers – and their children –  from Brooklyn and beyond!